McGill International Cellphilm Festival

Deadline: May 24, 2021

This year’s festival will center on the theme of Transformation.
Transformation has been a pivotal force shaping human experience throughout history and modernity, as our world has undergone unique and influential transformations across the fields of education, health, art, technology, and beyond. Across the globe, we have learned to adapt individually and collectively to our circumstances, as well as piloted transformations of our own, bringing new perspectives and ways of living to our loved ones and wider communities. Here is your opportunity to share your original transformation story with others! 
We invite you to send in your submissions, using the following submission form, by May 24, 2021 and join us to celebrate our awardees on June 10, 2021! 

We also welcome as a sponsor, CODE, a proud partner of McGill University and the Institute for Human Development and Well-Being.

For more information, follow us on Facebook and Twitter: @CellphilmFest and check out our website:  

Submission guideline:

  1. Upload your 30 to 120 second (up to 2 minutes) cellphilms onto (don’t forget to make it Public)
  2. Fill out the following Submission Form and press Submit button. 
  3. Check your email inbox to make sure you have received the confirmation letter from us. 
  4. Mark June 10, 2021, on your calendar to join us for the virtual cellphilm festival 🙂 

Note:  All submissions must be filmed using a mobile device, although other technologies can be used for editing if required. We also welcome entries that follow a ‘one-shot’ or ‘no editing required’ process. All ages and any genre or form are welcome!

To learn more on Cellphilm Tips, click here and watch this video. 

Submission Form
(9th International Cellphilm Festival)


Thank you for submitting to ICF 2021!

You will recieve a confirmation email​. Check your spam box as well! ;)


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