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If you had one minute to change the world, what would you say?


Filmmakers were prompted to capture different ways to re-imagine the world;

a community challenging discrimination,

a safe space, a decolonized world,

an equal opportunity for all on the margins,

a new way to live together…


Transformation has been a pivotal force shaping human experience throughout history as our world has undergone unique and influential transformations across the fields of education, health, art, technology, and beyond. Around the globe, we have learned to adapt individually and collectively to our circumstances, as well as pilot transformations of our own, bringing new perspectives and ways of living to our loved ones and wider communities. Transformation: What does it mean to you and in your circumstances whether it is school, community, environment or everyday life?


Here is a chance to tell a story, give an original twist on distancing and isolation or explore new ideas of connectedness during the pandemic. While a great many of us rely on our cellphones to stay connected – now, more than ever – this is an opportunity to use your cellphone (or other devices) in a creative way. Explore how individuals, groups, families and/or communities have been experiencing distancing. How has this changed your daily life? What coping strategies have been useful? What new things have you learned about yourself? How are you connecting with the world?”


The organizers of the 2019 Festival invited participants they and their community picture change in their neighbourhoods, their country or the planet.




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Winning Cellphilms:

See the 3rd International Cellphilm Festival submissions here.


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Winning Cellphilms:

Katrina & Ann’s “Who am I in Hong Kong?”

Patrick Richard’s “The Mountain

Giovanny Rodriguez’ “Binniza` – Cultura Zapoteca. The GR-records Producciones

See the 2nd International Cellphilm Festival submissions here.


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Winning Cellphilms:

Nwabisa Amanda Holby’s “Cold Nights

Raumina Rezai’s “Home

Dr. Angelina Weenie’s “Finding Truth