McGill International Cellphilm Festival


The festival showcased this year’s award winning cellphilms on the theme, Re-Imaginings.

For the first time ever, this year’s Cellphilm Festival featured a Children’s Under 8 category! Their cellphilms were created on a separate theme: ‘It’s Not Fair’.

Also available is 1st Children’s Festival Report. This document details more of the background on the Children’s Festival as well as reflections for the years ahead.


1st Place: Déjame hablar! (Let me speak!)
By Wendy (with the help of Sebastian, Catherine Huard et Prudence Caldairou-Bessette) from Foyer du Monde (Canada)
2nd Place: Stop Pollution Now
By James, London, Ely, Arthur, Catherine (on behalf of CME Saint-Louis Daycare) (Canada)
3rd Place: It’s not Fair
By Najeli Schwab

It’s Not Fair, chidlren under 8 y.o

Stop Pollution Now
The Two Cats
It’s not fair, I’m climbing a tree!
C’est pas juste les parents et pas nous
Protéger la pèanete
Les Injustices
Les injustices et le changement
It’s not Fair!
Déjame hablar! Let me speak!
Who Wants to Play

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