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Share your ideas and stories, and change the world! Create a cellphilm!

As the world twists and turns, the 10th edition of the McGill International Cellphilm Festival invites you to look through the critical lens of cellphilm (cellphone + video) production. To produce  a cellphilm use your cellphone creatively to craft a short film on re-imaginings. How can we confront issues of gender inequality? How can we challenge structural racism? How can cellphilming be an activist tool ?

We invite cellphilm submissions of up to 2 minutes in length. Submit your cellphilm through our online application at

by May 20th,2022.



Generously supported by CODE & Participatory Cultures Lab: 

This year we have $5000 in prizes for both individual and group submissions! We particularly encourage group submissions where your community addresses social change, whether connected remotely through online line groups or gathered together in the same place.


  1. Upload your 30 to 120 second (up to 2 minutes) cellphilms onto (don’t forget to make it Public)
  2. Fill out the Online Submission Form and press Submit button. 
  3. Check your email inbox to make sure you have received the confirmation letter from us. 
  4. Mark June 15th, 2022, on your calendar to join us for the virtual cellphilm festival  

Note:  All submissions must be filmed using a mobile device, although other technologies can be used for editing if required. We also welcome entries that follow a ‘one-shot’ or ‘no editing required’ process. All ages and any genre or form are welcome!


Join us  virtually for the 10th edition of the  McGill International Cellphilm Festival

on June 15th, 2022.

Learn More about Cellphilms and Cellphilming

To learn more on Cellphilm Tips, click here and watch this video.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the submission process, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at: